Exploring the dry salvages 

"To communicate with Mars, converse with spirits, To report the behaviour of the sea monster, Describe the horoscope, haruspicate or scry, Observe disease in signatures, evoke Biography from the wrinkles of the palm And tragedy from fingers; release omens By sortilege, or tea leaves, riddle the inevitable With playing cards, fiddle with pentagrams Or barbituric acids, or dissect The recurrent image into pre-conscious terrors - To explore the womb, or tomb, or dreams.."

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    untitled by alison scarpulla on Flickr.
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little souls

Snowpiercer (2013)

Have you ever been alone on this train? / When was the last time you were alone?
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    bmtmn by woodcum on Flickr.

brianmichaelbendis:Jim Steranko - Infinity One
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Femme nue tenant une coupe, 1910
Leon Spilliaert
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Gold Plated Cow Heart
Gunther von Hagens
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mint chocolate chip trapped in an ice cube, yes?